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The cameras on the body are usually just used to identify a unit and it's
location, the computer substitutes CG graphics for display on the panoramic
cockpit. The head cameras probably do more than that aince the main taeting
cameras are there, they're probably powerfull enough also to give a clear
picture on the panoramic cockpit with minimal CG assist.

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> > I looked at the archives for the discussion on
> Linear cockpits that took
> > place a while back, and didn't see anything about
> this. For suits that
> > have Linear Cockpits (Alex, GP03, Most suits after
> 0087) what's the point
> > of them having a head? If the suit has the
> panoramic cockpit, with
> > screens covering 360 degrees... what would the use
> of having cameras,
> > that are presumably used to see from in other
> non-linear cockpit suits,
> > in the head be?
> If I remember correctly, there was a thread a long
> time ago, where we
> extrapolated that the head was used for the actual
> targeting sensors -- or
> the primary sensors, so it works in conjunction with
> the pilot's head.
Let me see I saw close up picture of a GP3 Stamen it
has cameras located on the legs,Chest Area,and the
back of its head if Im right the Green Glass cameras
are located at If Im wrong I guess I am.

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