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Loran Seakku wrote:
> >If I remember correctly, there was a thread a long time ago, where we
> >extrapolated that the head was used for the actual targeting sensors -- or
> >the primary sensors, so it works in conjunction with the pilot's head.
> So what's the point of the cameras located in the head?
i think he just made his point.. there are No cameras in the head.. at
least not i think in the manner which you're thinking of, the head is
full of more specialized sensors and optics while plain-jane cameras
limited to no better than the human acuety of vision are scattered
across the Mobile Suit.. these cameras provide images for the Panoramic
cockpit but if the pilot say wants a thermographic image or to zoom-in
on something he has ot aim the specialty optics in the head at what he
wants to look at, i think it was alsommntioned that the main targeting
sensors (which are sperate and distinct form the simple cameras used
simply to give the pilot his regular field of view) are also located in
the head


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