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Thu, 1 Mar 2001 04:57:38 +0800

Very true. I've had the same thing happen to me and my written works; Some
came out really bad because of it, but the client was happy. I've even had
fights with my own boss about it, but hey, there you go.

> Don't forget, the suits at Bandai always have the final say on what they
> think it should look like. Coming from a design background, I know. The
> job of a designer is to produce a design suitable for the client, and in
> this case, the client is Bandai, not us :(
> For all we know, K probably wanted to do it a certain way and was met with
> the "We would prefer" even though they have no design background. I have
> done stuff that I will not include in my collection eventhough it was go
> work, is just that the good design was met with the "voice" and now looks
> like crap IMHO.
> You know, I now kinda feel for K... poor guy.

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