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Thu, 1 Mar 2001 05:02:00 +0800

> I just got back from Megacon 2001. Had a blast and picked up a MG Kampfer
> for US $50 and a copy of CCA. I was wondering if there are any problem
> to look out for, as I'm not exactly the most experienced modeller. I love
> the Kampfer design so I just had to buy it. Thanks to anyone that

Okay, the head antenna is kinda brittle, so watch out for that. also, the
tubing that it uses at the waist requires some care when used....

You could also watch out for the targeting system of the shotguns, and then
there is the problem of how the knees bang against the thigh armor.

There are a lot of little problems, but not enough to detract from the glory
of the kit actually being there.

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