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Loran Seakku wrote:
> I looked at the archives for the discussion on Linear cockpits that took
> place a while back, and didn't see anything about this. For suits that
> have Linear Cockpits (Alex, GP03, Most suits after 0087) what's the point
> of them having a head? If the suit has the panoramic cockpit, with
> screens covering 360 degrees... what would the use of having cameras,
> that are presumably used to see from in other non-linear cockpit suits,
> in the head be?
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well i always assumed that a more or less basic array of sensors was
present distributed across the MS to provide display data for the
Panoramic cocpits or even for the multiple flatscreens of conventional
cockpits, and that the main sensors in the head were more specialized
types like directional radar and/or telescopic or other specialized


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