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--- "Richard Ramos - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gundam!"
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> > Is it just me or does Katoki just not have enough
> creative input into this
> > line as he does with the MGs? With the MGs
> sometimes the mech are really
> > distant from the animation...take for example
> Katoki's take on the Gundam
> > and the GP-series. It seems almost like he's
> recreating the mech in his
> > image.

well, katoki is, imo, far more capable than okawara in
making a totally fictitious bogus thing as a giant
robot into a feasible machine. especially if you
compare the oldschool 0079 designs to, say, sentinel.

then again, i don't suppose it's fair to compare
design aesthetics that are more than a decade apart,
but that's precisely the point. the mechanical fetish
among the gundam fandom has, i think, far exceeded the
original intentions of tomino over the years, no?

when katoki is spreading his, er, midas touch to the
classic designs, it's not so much as he's recreating
the design in his own image, but upgrading them into
something a mecha fan can actually take seriously (as
opposed to zakrellos and zeongs...).

>However with HGUC it seems to be a
> different case-that Katoki's
> > redesign is very minimal, and looks fairly close
> to the way it's potrayed
> in
> > the animation-looking at the new linearts of the
> GM and Gundam seems to
> > affirm that. We also stuff like the Gog...
> > So I'm wondering what's the deal with HGUC and
> Katoki?
> it's probably because the HGUC is meant to be
> updates, not remakes. I
> suppose that's the limiting factor...

there are a handful of hguc's that are more than just
plain ol' updates. the gelgoog, the gp01, gp01fb,
shiki. as you said, they were either scaled down mg's
or mg prototypes.

that said, i do hope the hguc gm is a scaled down
version of the mg. the mg is preeeeeetty. :)

and i kinda liked the two piece skirt with codpiece.
:P a whole slab of skirt armor doesn't make too much


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