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Thu, 1 Mar 2001 02:48:37 +0800

> Is it just me or does Katoki just not have enough creative input into this
> line as he does with the MGs? With the MGs sometimes the mech are really
> distant from the animation...take for example Katoki's take on the Gundam
> and the GP-series. It seems almost like he's recreating the mech in his
> image. However with HGUC it seems to be a different case-that Katoki's
> redesign is very minimal, and looks fairly close to the way it's potrayed
> the animation-looking at the new linearts of the GM and Gundam seems to
> affirm that. We also stuff like the Gog...
> So I'm wondering what's the deal with HGUC and Katoki?

it's probably because the HGUC is meant to be updates, not remakes. I
suppose that's the limiting factor...

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