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Maybe it's just me, but I think Bandai is doing this new HGUC RX78 mainly
for the foreign market for the release of MSG overseas. Maybe they didn't
want the main mecha to look too different than what is in the show,
regardless of how "retro" the design look. who knows.

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> Is it just me or does Katoki just not have enough creative input into this
> line as he does with the MGs? With the MGs sometimes the mech are really
> distant from the animation...take for example Katoki's take on the Gundam
> and the GP-series. It seems almost like he's recreating the mech in his
> image. However with HGUC it seems to be a different case-that Katoki's
> redesign is very minimal, and looks fairly close to the way it's potrayed
> the animation-looking at the new linearts of the GM and Gundam seems to
> affirm that. We also stuff like the Gog...
> So I'm wondering what's the deal with HGUC and Katoki?
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