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The Testors non-toxic model glue is actually citric acid and has a orangey
kinda smell... where as the orange tube doesn't smell like an orange at all,
not that I am complaining :P

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> > heres a warning: Do not but Testors non-toxic model glue. A while back
> they
> > were out of the kind with fumes, so I had to get this, and well... It
> dosn't
> > harden. It just Molds itself into the plastic to make a semi-hard bond,
> > which bends under the weight of say, a HGUC arm.
> Yeah, that's the tube with blue instead of orange, right? I was going to
> some a few weeks ago because I couldn't find the regular orange and the
> clerk said it was crap, and pulled a tube of orange out from under the
> counter. =) (I can understand that, when I worked at a hardware store a
> of our model glue was shoplifted for the groovy fumes. And some people
> come in and buy like 10 tubes at a time, once a week. It was scary.)
> - dom
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