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> > Strangely enough, it was not well recieved when it
> > was first aired -- or at
> > least, that was the impression I got when I first
> > joined this list. Yours
> > truley was kinda lukewarm about it in the first few
> > episodes. I was ranting
> > that it was so, well, DBZ-ish, but after a few more
> > episodes -- whoa, this
> > baby rocked.
> > SO there you go...
> you poor pitiful dog. :P


> overall, i can think of a LOT of worse non-original
> dubbing the filipino edition of wing and g gundam.
> escaflowne comes to mind (how the english dub
> butchered the voice of van's catgirl friend
> what'sername...), as does dragonball z. evangelion's
> hit and miss dubbing also. and definitely the
> godawful axn dubbing of rorouni kenshin, samurai x
> (good jeezus mon, where else would saito hajime be
> called "mr. willy" ??? "yoshi" is a green dinosaur
> from super mario brothers. egads, why not call yahiko
> "barney" while they're at it, sheesh! somehow,
> "slasher" doesn't have the same weight as
> "hitokiri"...makes them sound like cheapass
> cutthroats, not the vicious swordsmen they're supposed
> to be...)

I've always argued with a lot of people that Filipino dubbing is actually
pretty good. We have the characters and the dialogue dead on, although
voice quality is sometimes off. The nuancing possible with Filipino, as
well as the formal and colloquial forms, serve well to adapt the original
Japanese dialogue to the the local audience.

> > Of course, they COULD have had a more creative name
> > for the attack than
> > eeeek.
> > <chuckles>
> what the heck. mazinger z gave us breast missiles and
> chest fires, and bad breath (hurricane wind was it?)
> and voltes v gave us finger missiles. i think shining
> finger is an appropriate reprise. :D
> well, i think the g gundam opening songs were cool as
> heck. talk about 80's power pop rock. :)
> -garr

yeah. Grendaizer had missile launchers in his crotch, too.

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