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Thu, 1 Mar 2001 01:03:00 +0800

> > so what do you think is better, this or the FG? (now
> > I wouldn't want answers
> > from other people going like, "of course this
> > because its more posable than
> > the FG." duh, that's a given. I'm talking about
> > the way it looks)
> quite frankly, the shoulders suck. upper half looks
> awful. it looks mismatched....mismatched retro look.
> the lower half and the legs look great with the katoki
> style modernization, but the upper half looks out of
> place. too simple, and too angular...too
> primitive...harking from a time when technical styling
> was unheard of. i hope it's just the lineart, and not
> the kit itself.
> -garr

Line art is a draw-over using the old official line art, so I guess that
explains why it sucks major big time. Since I know where the line art came
from, am just waiting to see the actual kit before saying anything.

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