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Um the US GW figures ARE MSiA's. I have several USA releases, while they lack most of the stuff MSiA's come with, the GW one's I have are built excatly like my Japanese Wing Gundam and HK Tallgeese MSiA's. Just because they come in a different package and don't state MSiA's, DOES NOT make them not MSiA's. The joint work are the same in all three releases (Asain, HK, USA). Lack of panel lines is no big deal, as they can easily be inked in with a pen by hand. I miss the extra hands, but other then no extra hands or other extras and no panel lines, they are the same figures! Only the HK versions have gold, BTW. The Japanese ones have no gold whatsoever. While some may not consider them MSiA's, they are MSiA's, for the reasons given above.

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