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--- Richie Ramos <> wrote:
> And I forgot! for sheer unalduterated fun, it's G
> Gundam!
> Yep, Burke, it is one hell of an original alternate
> gundam series. I
> actually like it more than GW in the sense that it
> didn't take itself so
> seriously -- it just went on a rampage with its
> fusion of DragonBall action
> and GUndam Mayhem. Add to that some really romantic
> plot twists and classic
> SuperRobo themes (which I can't say anything about
> since it would spoil the
> surprise), the series kicks major butt.
> Strangely enough, it was not well recieved when it
> was first aired -- or at
> least, that was the impression I got when I first
> joined this list. Yours
> truley was kinda lukewarm about it in the first few
> episodes. I was ranting
> that it was so, well, DBZ-ish, but after a few more
> episodes -- whoa, this
> baby rocked.
> SO there you go...

you poor pitiful dog. :P

i liked g gundam straight off the bat. it was
perfectly loony and yet perfectly straightfaced.
right up my alley.

and, contrary to popular opinion, i think the filipino
dubbing for g gundam and g wing were ok.

if you're an original dubbing purist (bah), then
nothing i say will matter. if you're not, then
consider that the voice actors and actresses chosen
for the roles were absolutely spot on for the
characters. at the very least filipino dubbing didn't
give us sleazy voiced zechs, or surfer bum duo
maxwell. the filipino dub gave very noble and
aristocratic zechs (if a little stiff), a smooth and
suave trieze, a lady une that had "BITCH" and "meek"
written all over her respective personalities. the g
boys were spot on -- deadpan heero, arrogant wufei,
dispassionate trowa, effete quattre and wacky duo.
the filipino dub had problems, however, with the
vintage g-wing hefty dialogue and prose from hell. i
don't see how any dub or sub can get rid of that.

same goes for g gundam, good character for voice --
domon, is...well, the loveable
obtuse-yet-trying-not-to-be jerk that only domon is.
chibodee was, uhm, chibodee. argo gorski was given a
deep strong voice, while frenchman george d'sand
(oddly translated as jorak de sand...UGH) sounded
appropriately artsy fartsy. sai saishi was kiddie,
and thankfully not voiced by a female. rain's voice
fit her endearing character, and that russian keeper
of argo gorski, yummy! :P and y' ubercheesy
as the last episode sounded appropriate in
filipino (a flowery language that lends itself better
to cheesy romantic dialogue than english, i

overall, i can think of a LOT of worse non-original
dubbing the filipino edition of wing and g gundam.
escaflowne comes to mind (how the english dub
butchered the voice of van's catgirl friend
what'sername...), as does dragonball z. evangelion's
hit and miss dubbing also. and definitely the
godawful axn dubbing of rorouni kenshin, samurai x
(good jeezus mon, where else would saito hajime be
called "mr. willy" ??? "yoshi" is a green dinosaur
from super mario brothers. egads, why not call yahiko
"barney" while they're at it, sheesh! somehow,
"slasher" doesn't have the same weight as
"hitokiri"...makes them sound like cheapass
cutthroats, not the vicious swordsmen they're supposed
to be...)

> Of course, they COULD have had a more creative name
> for the attack than
> eeeek.
> <chuckles>

what the heck. mazinger z gave us breast missiles and
chest fires, and bad breath (hurricane wind was it?)
and voltes v gave us finger missiles. i think shining
finger is an appropriate reprise. :D

well, i think the g gundam opening songs were cool as
heck. talk about 80's power pop rock. :)


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