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But you forgot about texture my friend, paint (even Gunze) has a different
texture than plain plastic so it's still advisable to paint the whole thing.

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>I don't know how many people uses Gunze Sangyo Gundam Paint >sets. If you
>want easy, brainless color match for your Gundam kits. This is >the best
>thing out there. If you want a perfect match for your Kampfer, >try Gunze
>Sangyo's MG Kampfer color set. Paint mix is so close to the >actual color
>of the mold, you don't have to paint the whole kit if you want. >You can
>just touch up the tree marks and putty filled areas. You >wouldn't notice
>the difference.


terrance wong wrote:

> Actually, I'd use something totally different. I'd use blue out of the
> can/jar. Use the green/white to adjust the color to your preferences.
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>> Subject: [gundam] MG Kampfer?
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>> OK an easy question I hope......
>> Can someone tell me what the color mix is that I should paint the MG
>> Kampfer
>> blue/green in. I don't have the manual in front of me but I think it
>> states
>> 70% of blue I guess, 20% of another color and 10% of another color.
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