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First off, I find that if you are having a problem with your models
coming out too dark, then try using a bright white base coat. It can
help to lighten things up. The other thing to think about is putting
just a drop or two of white paint into your color, to brighten it up
a bit.

The goal is to overcome the deliberate nature of the process.

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Ok I hope I can get some help from some of the master modelers here.

I'm going with the preshading route with my Kampfer and I am almost
at the
point of doing my final color panel shading. One thing that I have
found in
my 3 previous models that I have done this way is that the color
looks fine
before the first coat of clear which is needed for the black wash for
panel lines but the clear tends to darken all the colors. Should I
lighten all the colors before I airbrush them or should I not primer
all of the parts black.

BTW. I have been using Micro Scale clear flat and I have also tried
floor wax mixed with Tamiya flat base but I find the Micro Scale is
better as a clear coat.

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