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Dafydd Neal Dyar wrote:

> I'm posting this blindly from my regular e-mail account because. given my recent
> medical history and the fact that I'm in an area that just got rocked by a
> Richter 6.8 earthquake, the absence of postings from me might be worrisome to
> some of you.
> I have been unable to send or retrieve mail from my Z@Gundam.Com account for the
> last two days. It appears to be an authentication problem on the server. Every
> time my e-mail client (Outlook 2000 with Norton SystemWorks Anti-Virus POP3
> server intermediary) tries to connect, I'm prompted for my user name and
> password, which always fails. When I cancel, I get an error message telling me
> that my user name or password was rejected by the mail server. The user name
> and password appear to be correct, as I can log into the Gundam.Com Website with
> them.
> I could subscribe to the list from this account, but I maintain separate
> accounts to keep my personal and professional lives separate and I don't want to
> mess that up. So until this glitch is resolved, I'm unable to receive anything
> from the list and can only post messages unrelated to any other.
> Hopefully, it won't be long -- at an average of 60+ posts per day, traffic on
> this list adds up pretty quickly!
> -Z-
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I had the same problem once, but I can't remember what I did to recify it - feel so
useless not being able to help you out on this.

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