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I also took a look at the HGUC lineart ... wonderful, wonderful. Only 700
yen, too (Woohoo!) GM's! GM's! Lots and lots of GM's!
My only regret is at that pricepoint it will almost certainly not come as
well equipped as the MG. Probably only a beam sabre, beam spray gun and the
machine gun (90mm isn't it?). Should come with the shield as well....
hopefully they don't cheap out too much and at least make it out of two
/me giggles maniacally
Boatloads of GM's and Zaku's in all their 1/144th glory!
Repeat our mantra ... "Gundam's lick and GM's kick!"

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> The line-art for the HGUC RX-78-2 is up at Gundam Perfect Web. > > > > It defineitely looks a lot like the PG and MG v1.5 but with less panel > lines. Among all the recent RX-78-2 kits (PG and MG v1.5) this one looks > the most like the original 0079 design (probably because of the lack of > panel lines and the smaller shoulders). > > -Franz > > ____________________________________________________________________________ > Shop through Barnes and Nobles > > help me earn cash too. > ______________________________________________ > FREE Personalized Email at > Sign up at > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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