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Fri, 02 Mar 2001 06:33:30 -0800

Hey Guys, I was studying my chemical engineering when I started to doodle
some pictures of Haro on paper. I all the sudden got the crazy idea of
creating an online comedy comic based on Haro himself. Execpt his name won't
be "Haro" it'll be "The Irresponsible Captain Haro". I know i borrowed some
of the title from the popular anime but i thought it sounded good. I thought
maybe Haro could be givin a captain position in the Earth Federal Forces. He
would be commander of the Magellan 3 called the "Hello,Genki?"; a prototype
space battleship. The crew would be a mix of careless, clumsy,and dumb
people, with only one smart guy in the whole crew. I'll manage to slip in
some "guest" apperances in the comic from previous or future Gundam series.
As for the title i was thinking about "Mobile Suit Gundam: Haro's
Counterattack" but i'm not sure yet. Ok, I want to know what ya guys think
about it. I'am accepting any suggestions. :).


"Fede Ace"

"Whats that? A Zaku? The Feddies must of captured it.....i'll give it a
mercy killing!"

- MS-09F Zeon Pilot.

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