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>I have a question about the RX-78 performing re-entry in the >MSG trilogy:
If Amuro didn't vent coolant (or something with a >similar effect) onto the
back of his shield, would the RX-78 >have been slagged like the Zaku IIs?
Also, wouldn't the

most probably.

>extreme heat on the front of the shield during re-entry and the >extreme
cold on the rear of the shield (courtesy of the Gundam >venting coolant onto
it) have cracked and possibly destroyed

I know that would happen if it were something like ceramis or so, but this
is a kind of metal.

>the shield, or is the Gundanium alloy just tougher, or is it >another case
of anime physics?

Depends, on both the shields ability to conduct heat from the front to the
rear and on the temperature of the cooling air. Given the right mix, the
air (or whatever) would be able to take away the heat on the shield.

>>And, as per the subject of this message, were any of them capable of
>>the earth's atmosphere? I figure the Zeta might have had a sort of
>>disposable booster or something, but beyond that, I just don't know.
>The Mk-II used rockets to leave the atmosphere. Don't recall any suits
>that were capable of this feat by itself without some kind of booster/
>rocket assistance. Even the ones from V needed a ride of some sort.

switching to the AC timeline, Zechs went up to space in his Tallgeese I
using a booster pack attached to the Tallgeese I, courtesy of Howard. For
the FC timeline, Domon in his God Gundam used Master Asia's horse (I forgot
that horse's name, it was called in the Philippine dub as "Cloud Racer"
ugh...) after Wong trashed Domon's dropship. As for the AW timeline, I
didn't notice one though...

>>figure most of the suits couldn't, since it reuires such a large amount of
>>thrust to do so. The core fighters maybe?
>I've seen modified Core Fighters that are either strapped to rockets or
>has a huge booster attachment in hobby magazines, but these aren't really

how about those Core Booster systems like on the S-Gundam's core fighter?
would they work?

-james r.
believes the YF-19 (notwithstanding the YF-21) can beat any Core Fighter in
a race...


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