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> Richie,
> > Another Aside: I removed the waist plates from my 1/144 gp03s, and it
> > looked suspiciously like a ver2 Ka rx78
> You are absolutely right... in fact, if you put a lot of the katokai
> gundams next to each other, there are lots of similar proportions and
> styles:
> Take the wings of Master Gundam and ignore the Getter Robo ears. (It was
> made to look like the Griffon in Patlabor)
> As you already said about the GP03
> Look at the MG GP01
> Along with the MG GM Custom
> Kinda interesting. :)

Nice to know that he's at least consistent about that sort of thing. I
actually like the Master Gundam Design -- I want to buy one and then rmove
all the Superrobot stuff, get it another head, and then use it as a gundam

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