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> Richie Ramos -- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gundam! wrote:
> >Think of it as they're getting old. I have great respect for the S&M
> >though Load and Reload sucks. For me I look at overall history. even U2
> >had their downside. Actually, what would be interesting is to have
> >Like Bjork or David Bowie do some anime stuff. or maybe peter Gabriel.
> I have a little respect for the S&M, but only because they played old
sungs. David Bowie would be an ideal candidate to pitch in songs for
something like Gundam, probably because he has a good grasp on being a
little demented and ethereal. Bjork... I haven't heard much from her...

Man, you're missing a lot. Try getting her albums. Her music is a mix of
punk, techno and Iceland ethnic music, as well as hits of classical, jazz
and pop sensibilities. Simply an incredible artist. The one that impressed
me a lot was her collaboration with Skunk Anansie for a remake of her song
"Army of Me" from her "Post" album. it was a screaming singing fit worthy
of any punk/hardcore song.

Any which way you put it, she has a good grasp of alienation and at the same
time a good grasp of love.

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