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Fri, 2 Mar 2001 12:03:26 +0800

> >I actually know of attempts here in the Philippines to disable or bypass
> >territorial stuff. and I have a VCD player which can bypass any
> >VCD feature...
> It doesn't matter, studios now are adding double lockout features on their
> new DVD titles. The disc will now actively seek out information about
> your player by checking whether your player has been modified. If so,
> the disc would not play and all you get is a blank screen with a message
> saying that your player has been modified, please call this toll-free
> (so they could bust you). The Perfect Storm was the first DVD to have
> feature, who knows how long before it becomes standard fare. The only way
> to defeat this scheme is to actually hack into the disc and remove this
> check, and manufacture new unprotected discs for every such title
> Eddie

uhm, i heard about that...didn't stop some of the modifications here...

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