Dafydd Neal Dyar (dafydd@dyarstraights.com)
Thu, 1 Mar 2001 19:05:43 -0800

I'm posting this blindly from my regular e-mail account because. given my recent
medical history and the fact that I'm in an area that just got rocked by a
Richter 6.8 earthquake, the absence of postings from me might be worrisome to
some of you.

I have been unable to send or retrieve mail from my Z@Gundam.Com account for the
last two days. It appears to be an authentication problem on the server. Every
time my e-mail client (Outlook 2000 with Norton SystemWorks Anti-Virus POP3
server intermediary) tries to connect, I'm prompted for my user name and
password, which always fails. When I cancel, I get an error message telling me
that my user name or password was rejected by the mail server. The user name
and password appear to be correct, as I can log into the Gundam.Com Website with

I could subscribe to the list from this account, but I maintain separate
accounts to keep my personal and professional lives separate and I don't want to
mess that up. So until this glitch is resolved, I'm unable to receive anything
from the list and can only post messages unrelated to any other.

Hopefully, it won't be long -- at an average of 60+ posts per day, traffic on
this list adds up pretty quickly!


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