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> I have a question about the RX-78 performing re-entry in the MSG trilogy:
If Amuro didn't vent coolant (or something with a similar effect) onto the
back of his shield, would the RX-78 have been slagged like the Zaku IIs?
Also, wouldn't the extreme heat on the front of the shield during re-entry
and the extreme cold on the rear of the shield (courtesy of the Gundam
venting coolant onto it) have cracked and possibly destroyed the shield, or
is the Gundanium alloy just tougher, or is it another case of anime physics?

I think it would have melted into slag... all MS, seem to require the use
of a ballute during reentry
no matter what kind of armour it has (IE: Z Gundam series mecha with
Gundarium Gamma alloy).
And I think the shield question can be summed up as anime physics. Also I
think the reason for
spraying the coolant on the back of shield was to divert it back to the MS
itself, not just to cool
down the shield (which should leave it at a nice lukewarm temp to keep it
from cracking).


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> >Eddie
> how about those Core Booster systems like on the S-Gundam's core fighter?
would they work?
> -james r.
> believes the YF-19 (notwithstanding the YF-21) can beat any Core Fighter
in a race...

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