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Thu, 1 Mar 2001 14:55:42 -0800

>I was just watching the gundam movie trilogy and was thinking. Okay, so the
>RX-78 is capable of re-entry. Obviously Zakus can't do re-entry, as we
>learned in the same scene, but are there others that can?
>Yeah there's the Zeta and it's Wave Rider form, but what about others? I
>never saw Zeta (tho I'd really like to get my hands on the series,
>preferably with subtitles of some sort, cough cough), but I don't think any
>of the other suits could manage alongside it. Super Gundam MK IIs? the ZZ?
>Were there any others?

None of the other suits were capable of re-entry as-is, unless they were
equipped with a reverse-parachute style re-entry backpack, or riding on
the Zeta Waverider, as the Hyaku Shiki and Quebeley II did. The Mk-II had
a prototype Waverider for its re-entry, which allowed it to remain engaged
for far longer than any other suit could prior to re-entry. That prototype
eventually led to the Zeta's Waverider form.

>And, as per the subject of this message, were any of them capable of LEAVING
>the earth's atmosphere? I figure the Zeta might have had a sort of
>disposable booster or something, but beyond that, I just don't know.

The Mk-II used rockets to leave the atmosphere. Don't recall any suits
that were capable of this feat by itself without some kind of booster/
rocket assistance. Even the ones from V needed a ride of some sort.

>figure most of the suits couldn't, since it reuires such a large amount of
>thrust to do so. The core fighters maybe?

I've seen modified Core Fighters that are either strapped to rockets or
has a huge booster attachment in hobby magazines, but these aren't really


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