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I was just watching the gundam movie trilogy and was thinking. Okay, so the
RX-78 is capable of re-entry. Obviously Zakus can't do re-entry, as we
learned in the same scene, but are there others that can?

Yeah there's the Zeta and it's Wave Rider form, but what about others? I
never saw Zeta (tho I'd really like to get my hands on the series,
preferably with subtitles of some sort, cough cough), but I don't think any
of the other suits could manage alongside it. Super Gundam MK IIs? the ZZ?
Were there any others?

And, as per the subject of this message, were any of them capable of LEAVING
the earth's atmosphere? I figure the Zeta might have had a sort of
disposable booster or something, but beyond that, I just don't know. I
figure most of the suits couldn't, since it reuires such a large amount of
thrust to do so. The core fighters maybe?

Matt "Not Quite Better than Zen" Hanyok

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