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Thu, 1 Mar 2001 13:55:15 -0800

>> You'd think territorial lockout, which they touted as a beneficial feature
>> of DVD for film rights holders, would address their fear of reverse
>> importing.
>You'd think that, but I for one could prattle off a list of computer DVD
>drives that simply ignore the region codes.

Most, if not all, computer DVD drives allow region code switching for a
limited number of times (usually 3 to 5) before it is permanetly set for
the last region you chose. If it is a true region free drive, chances are
the new "anti-mod" scheme studios adapted from the videogame industry will
make your drive useless, until someone comes up with a GameShark style
utility that lets you defeat the anti-mod lockout.

>I'm not so sure about regular
>DVD players, though. Idunno, the territorial lockout thing has never been a
>problem in the past.

There are a lot of films out there which aren't released on DVD in the US
and only available as imports. It'd be crazy to buy a player for each
region. With the anti-mod lockout being introduced to DVD, a modified/
region-free player will soon become useless too.

>That's like the movie industry complaining the VHS
>tapes would be the end of movies. Which it quite obviously wasn't.

It certainly did in many Asian countries, where bootleg VCDs cost way
less than the price of a movie admission.


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