Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 1 Mar 2001 13:23:15 -0800

>> Remember the PS2 fiasco about a year ago, some DVD systems do not have
>> territorial lockout, in fact you can find multi region DVD players in the
>> black-market.
>I actually know of attempts here in the Philippines to disable or bypass the
>territorial stuff. and I have a VCD player which can bypass any territorial
>VCD feature...

It doesn't matter, studios now are adding double lockout features on their
new DVD titles. The disc will now actively seek out information about
your player by checking whether your player has been modified. If so, then
the disc would not play and all you get is a blank screen with a message
saying that your player has been modified, please call this toll-free number
(so they could bust you). The Perfect Storm was the first DVD to have that
feature, who knows how long before it becomes standard fare. The only way
to defeat this scheme is to actually hack into the disc and remove this
check, and manufacture new unprotected discs for every such title published.


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