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In fact, I had not actually put them side by side before making that
comment. Putting the two side by side, I suppose they have the about
the same volume. The box is 45.5cm about 2/3 the width of a PG box,
by 36.5cm which is about 1/3 deeper than a PG box, by 10cm which is
about the same thickness as a PG box. This is all on the B-Club

The "wingspan" of the kit is just under 30cm, and I have yet to
complete it, but the overall length should be around 63cm! Once
again, this thing is big!

The goal is to overcome the deliberate nature of the process.

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The box is twice the size of PG!!!? Are you sure? It didn't seem that
big on
the picture on eBay. No wonder I'm paying so much for shipping.

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