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The box is twice the size of PG!!!? Are you sure? It didn't seem that big on
the picture on eBay. No wonder I'm paying so much for shipping.

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> This has been discussed repeatedly over on rec.arts.anime.models, but
> the short of it is that a 1:220 GP03D is actually a more massive kit
> than a PG. The "wingspan" of the weapon pods is almost equal to the
> height of a PG Zaku! I have the resin 1:220 GP03D, and let me tell
> you, don't let the scale fool you. This thing is big! It comes in a
> box almost twice the size of a PG, and the barrel of the main gun
> takes up the entire length of the box.
> There are numerous issues with how you could support the weight of
> the parts on a styrene version of this monster. People like to say
> that it could just be hollow space, but you would have to have either
> some sort of internal structure, or very thick walls, otherwise it
> would bow under its own weight.
> It might be possible to do a 1:220 GP03D at 10,000Y, but at that
> price, I would almost think it would be 1:550 or an oddball scale
> like 1:350.
> The goal is to overcome the deliberate nature of the process.
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> >To be honest Eddie, I also wonder about that rumor also. Granted,
> >an MG MA platform would still be very expensive, but you're right,
> >the way they're cranking out MG kits now, they could probably do it
> >if they wanted to. I think what holds them back is the fact that it
> >will still be expensive as compared as to the other kits.
> Not in the face of a 15,000 yen PG W0C or 20,000 yen PG Zeta...
> 10,000 yen
> is peanuts for a GP03D, even if it's just 1/220. I think the only
> thing
> holding them back is the shortage of movable joints on the damn
> thing.
> With the GP03D, you got a few opening doors/sliding trays and the
> arm,
> and that's pretty much it. Bandai's probably fearful that people
> won't
> dig it due to the shortage of gimmicky features.
> >I am willing to bet that they already have
> >at the very least blueprints for the Orchis platform -- I mean, if
> >the GP03 is up, then...
> I can't wait for a blueprint kit of the Dendrobium for the MG kit
> like
> the 1/144 one they had...
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