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Wed, 28 Feb 2001 18:45:00 +0800

> *snippety snip*
> >Good question: what if they come out with an MG kits of the >GP04, which
> >basically have the same internal structure, but different armor >plates?
> >That would be nasty....
> That's a great idea, desing some kit's around a basic internal frame that
> can be carried over to other kit's. Some MS that would benefit from this
> are the Rick-Dias and the Dijeh, and hopefully they can do this for the
> Geara Doga using the Kampfer skeleton. Or even variants of the Nu Gundam
> such as the *drumroll* Hi-Nu Gundam!!!

actually, the Rick Dias would have a closer skeleton to the Doga series.
the Kampfer, I just realized, is a tad short for those kits.

The Hi-Nu Gundam is a big possibility because of the fact that the current
Nu can actually be fitted out with all the necessary modifications.

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