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Wed, 28 Feb 2001 18:43:09 +0800

> Can we quit with the flaming!?
> <STOMPtm>
> <STOMPtm>
> <STOMPtm>
> There that's better.
> LEGALESE: <STOMPtm> is an unregistered trademark of Richie Ramos, if he
> tries to extort kits from me all he's getting are Bendi FG kits (is such
> things exist).

Damn, I was hoping you could pay me with an HGUC Dom Tropen.

but seriously folks, I think we all should just remember that different
cultures are all over the list.

back to the Dendrobium. I was doing a rethink of how big it would
be...dearlordy, the gun's core area alone is as big as the BFG...the Barrel
of it would be LONG. I think the only way they can add bells and whistles
to it would be to have ALL the special modular units in the pods to be shown
as they are in the series...missile launchers, that chain-mine, the

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