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>Nope. While the voice actors for the leads such as
>Amuro and Char enjoy a long career in voice acting,
>some of the character's VAs are no longer with us.
>The VA for Ma Kube died about a year ago. In fact
>I think he tripped on some stairs.

Besides, Amuro's Seiyuu's (Furuya, Toru) voice has changed a lot over the
years from that of a whiny kid to a rather manly one. For regference, check
out su8bbed copies of Macross 2 (Feff), Sailormoon (Tuxedo Mask), Marmalade
Boy (Na-chan). Char's seiyuu however seems to have kept his voice, for
reference check out the subbed Rurouni Kenshin (Hiko) por BubbleGum Crisis

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