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 Richie Ramos -- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gundam! wrote:
>> > Oh yeah! I remember when i got, like, 100 e-mails from people saying
>> > didn't care if I don't like Limp Biskit (very bad American Music group),
>That got me to thinking: would they change the music of MSG? As in change
>it with more modern stuff? It could help the way it will be accepted -- or
>be a hindrance.

WHAT?! (Sorry I didn't see the start of this topic) but Limp Bizkit doing music for Gundam? <AHEM>
I am a big heavy metal fan and what I can say is THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! IMHO, Limp Bizkit sucks and as far as many think that they represent heavy metal music in this day and age I have to disagree. Limp Bizkit's music will destroy MS Gundam. Gundam is a show full of emotion, different types of emotion. Limp Bizkit music is IMHO the worst form of rock I've heard. It's shallow, uninteresting and monotonic and can never express or represent the show's themes. Personally, I shrug at the thought of changing Gundam's music at all, but if they were changing it, they should stay away from IMHO uncreative artists like Limp Bizkit. If they're going to do this to sell the product, then I feel that they are selling it to the wrong people. You don't do that to institutions like Gundam. Gundam doesn't need the support of ALL Americans, I mean it can profit well with the existing Anime Fandom. Eva did it, Ranma did it, and they didn't sink to the level of totally altering the show just to fit the market, a market which rea
lly isn't it's own! I mean look at American Dragon Ball. If any of you guys seen the original (or even the Filipino dubbed) you'd see how much they bastardized" the whole thing. Marketing is fine, but altering the product beyond recognition to fit the masses is not good marketing, and they should zero in on the people who are really interested, not every other American kid. I'm not in America so I won't be immediately affected, but what if they release the DVD's and tapes in that form too?

Final Rant: I can accept Gundam Wing as part of the Gundam family no problem, but I can never bring myself to accept Limp Bizkit (and Kid Rock) for that matter as part of the Heavy Metal genre. Its an insult to true musicians like Slayer and Iron Maiden...

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