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This has been discussed repeatedly over on rec.arts.anime.models, but
the short of it is that a 1:220 GP03D is actually a more massive kit
than a PG. The "wingspan" of the weapon pods is almost equal to the
height of a PG Zaku! I have the resin 1:220 GP03D, and let me tell
you, don't let the scale fool you. This thing is big! It comes in a
box almost twice the size of a PG, and the barrel of the main gun
takes up the entire length of the box.

There are numerous issues with how you could support the weight of
the parts on a styrene version of this monster. People like to say
that it could just be hollow space, but you would have to have either
some sort of internal structure, or very thick walls, otherwise it
would bow under its own weight.

It might be possible to do a 1:220 GP03D at 10,000Y, but at that
price, I would almost think it would be 1:550 or an oddball scale
like 1:350.

The goal is to overcome the deliberate nature of the process.

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>To be honest Eddie, I also wonder about that rumor also. Granted,
>an MG MA platform would still be very expensive, but you're right,
>the way they're cranking out MG kits now, they could probably do it
>if they wanted to. I think what holds them back is the fact that it
>will still be expensive as compared as to the other kits.

Not in the face of a 15,000 yen PG W0C or 20,000 yen PG Zeta...
10,000 yen
is peanuts for a GP03D, even if it's just 1/220. I think the only
holding them back is the shortage of movable joints on the damn
With the GP03D, you got a few opening doors/sliding trays and the
and that's pretty much it. Bandai's probably fearful that people
dig it due to the shortage of gimmicky features.

>I am willing to bet that they already have
>at the very least blueprints for the Orchis platform -- I mean, if
>the GP03 is up, then...

I can't wait for a blueprint kit of the Dendrobium for the MG kit
the 1/144 one they had...


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