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Edward Ju wrote:

> >It has nothing to do with technical issues. Pure and simple, Sunrise, the
> >Bandai
> >subsidiary that holds the rights, won't give Bandai America (I think
> >that's the one
> >that does American video releases) the rights to release the Japanese
> >audio track.
> >Apparently the Bandai parent company is siding with Sunrise in this particular
> >dispute. Rumor has it that there's an internal policy that the Japanese
> >audio to
> >any show won't be released internationally until its been avaible in Japan
> >for at
> >least six months. Since MS Gundam isn't currently available in Japan,
> >there won't
> >be a subbed American release until possibly later on.
> >
> >junior
> Huh? I've had my digitally remastered MSG TV series LD box set for well
> over a year already! Besides, the U.S. release of Wing on DVD is in clear
> violation of the 6-month policy you mentioned.

Dunno. Maybe Sunrise is just touchy about a DVD release of MSG. At any rate, as I
mentioned in my post, the conflict with Sunrise is definite. It has been confirmed
through a letter from Bandai that was posted on the web (unfortunately, I don't
recall the location of it, but I think someone else mentioned the url in this
thread). The 6-month waiting period is something that has been mentioned as a
possible reason on either this or another mailing list, but was not mentioned in the
letter, which as I recall, gives no reason for Sunrise's refusal.


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