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Javier Vega wrote:

> So there really adding new stuff like Star Wars did
> and adding and Remixing. They Just they can't get the
> Voice Actor's to Redo it I Guess.I understand I think
> Bandai and Sunrise are trying to do Remix the series
> for the USA network to pick it up. This is a Small
> scarfice for a series that was made in Japan for US
> TV.

I dunno. I was under the impression that the only changes they were planning on
making were to make the animation cleaner, and look a little nicer. I certainly
don't think they're doing anything that would actually have required them to use the
voice actors again for certain scenes. And the comments from the American Bandai
subsidiary about why they can't issue a Japanese track of Gundam certainly seem to
indicate that what they do won't be that drastic.
But then again, I haven't seen the modifications detailed anywhere, so I could be


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