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may be the orchis platform could be a con only thing..
or special order only for really rich kids...
--- "Richie Ramos -- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gundam!"
<> wrote:
> > No... the rumor was something along the line that
> Bandai was working on a
> > prototype that would cost over 10,000 yen and they
> didn't know if the kit
> > would be marketable. At the rate they're cranking
> out Gundam kits, and
> > the price range of some of these MG and PG kits, I
> am surprised that they
> > would be hesitant about the GP03D.
> >
> > Eddie
> To be honest Eddie, I also wonder about that rumor
> also. Granted, an MG MA
> platform would still be very expensive, but you're
> right, the way they're
> cranking out MG kits now, they could probably do it
> if they wanted to. I
> think what holds them back is the fact that it will
> still be expensive as
> compared as to the other kits. I am willing to bet
> that they already have
> at the very least blueprints for the Orchis platform
> -- I mean, if the GP03
> is up, then...
> -
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