Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 22:59:55 -0800

>> > May be I should wait a little? 60,000yen for 1/220 kit is just insane.
>> Yeap. I am surprised the recast people haven't got around to cloning it.
>Hmmmm...perhaps there is an upper limit to what recasters can do as well?
>besides, it does involve large chunks of resin...

Like Edmund pointed out, there was one, which was rare. I might have seen
one in the past, but I guess it wasn't cheap enough to register for me.

>On the other hand, that's good. as much as I bitch about resin kit prices,
>I don't approve of unlicensed recasting, either --

In the case of out-of-production or con-exclusive GKs, it's probably the
only way you can get one (like it).

>I've had too much of
>Bendi going around, and people complaining about bad fit and then saying
>gundam is no good. ARGH!

Are there still a lot of Bendi kits where you are? I thought after Bandai
bought them out they didn't crank out more kits labeled Bendi.

>I wish I could rent storage space...right now, am contemplating on moving to
>a friend's apartment, and then using most of his blank walls and shelves as
>display areas -- thank god he likes gundam as well!

As long as they won't magically disappear one night and end up as cash in
his pocket...


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