Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 22:52:37 -0800

>> Seeing how Bandai loves pumping out MG Gundam kits, expect a MG GP04 in a
>> year or two now that the GP03 is coming out. In fact we might see this
>> sooner than a MG Gerbera Tetra or MG Gelgoog Marine, sigh.
>I wouldn't mind that. it seems pretty cool, at least.

In the case of the GP04, I wouldn't mind. But when the MG FAZZ and the
Ez8, which didn't get all that much screen time (maybe 2 or 3 episodes) came
out, I was getting really worried at the future of MG Zeon kits.

>Although, it'd be neat if they did it as a deluxe kit, with an internal
>frame and then you could armor it yourself, either as the Tetra or as Unit
>Four. That'd be wicked cool.

Yeap, but you'd end up with an extra set of armor if you glue and paint
the kit... Bandai will most likely put them out seperately, if they make

>As for a gelgoog marine - you think they'd do
>another one? with the MS14A kit they provided most of the parts you'd need
>for it, in terms of kitbashing, I guess.

You really need to resculpt the torso and other details to convert the
MG MS-14A to a Marine. I was hoping for a MG Gelgoog Marine Cima Custom,
since recent MG kits appear to focus on hero suits and ignore the grunts,
unless they can be easily made from an existing mold.


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