Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 22:42:34 -0800

>On a semi-related, stretching-the-point question: What sort of food would
>the White Base people have had? I've seen Kou eating from what looks like
>standard astronaut food packs, but we rarely see the crews of the larger
>ships eating -- at least, I haven't seen footage, since there's a lot I
>haven't watched. Would it be safe to say that food technology is the same,
>or would there have been spectacular improvements?

Same old same old - in the original TV series, the crew were seen eating
hamburgers. If there were any improvements, it's probably how they were
able to keep vegetable fresh for an extended period of time. People drink
out of sports bottle-like closed containers, since open cups are a big no-no
in zero-G. In Zeta there was no dramatic change in that department either.
In ZZ, live chicken were seen being sent onboard the Aghama. Can't imagine
how much that would stink in a sealed environment...


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