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Hey, yeah its been a while ^^ I've been okay.
That Invalid account is just a broken banner, don't worry about it.

Yasu Ikehara aka Nuku-Nuku
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  Hey, 'Ryune'! It's 'Shin'! Haven't talked to ya since the Gundam MUSH went down. How's it been?
  Your LNK Translations link is apparently borked. I get a page that says 'Invalid Account'.

  Joaquin Torres

  Canal Vorfied wrote:

    I guess it could be all in one's opinion. TheGerbera Tetra was based off of the plansof what was supposed to become theGP-04. Hence the name GP-04 Gerbera.I'm assuming Cima got her hands on itduring one of her 'meetings' with thepeople at Anaheim Electronics.And yes, I would like to see aMG GP-04 and it would be on my'to buy' list. Yasu Ikehara aka Nuku-Nuku
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        Seeing how Bandai loves pumping out MG Gundam kits, expect a MG GP04 in a
        year or two now that the GP03 is coming out. In fact we might see this
        sooner than a MG Gerbera Tetra or MG Gelgoog Marine, sigh.
      I promised someone I wouldn't write another "one-line" email, but, wouldn't
      it make sense to make the Gerbera Tetra first? Well, I don't know anything
      about gundam so my word doesn't count =(...

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