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They use replicator for that kinda stuff! Wait... wrong universe! Voyager,
one to beam up from emailing.:(

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> > > They deserve it. Only an ass would put spam for vegatables on a non
> > > related mailing list. yeah, I know it's only spam, but spam is the
> of
> But I love Spam! And if you love Spam too, go to,
> ehehehehhehe.
> On a semi-related, stretching-the-point question: What sort of food would
> the White Base people have had? I've seen Kou eating from what looks like
> standard astronaut food packs, but we rarely see the crews of the larger
> ships eating -- at least, I haven't seen footage, since there's a lot I
> haven't watched. Would it be safe to say that food technology is the
> or would there have been spectacular improvements?
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