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yeah, I watched the series the other day. Cima arrives on the moon, and
while she's talking to the director of AE, she says something to the effect
of, "why are you giving the feds all this cool stuff." His response was
along the lines of, "how about we give you a new model that hasn't been
rolled out yet?"

Matt "Not Quite Better than Zen" Hanyok
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I guess it could be all in one's opinion. The
Gerbera Tetra was based off of the plans
of what was supposed to become the
GP-04. Hence the name GP-04 Gerbera.
I'm assuming Cima got her hands on it
during one of her 'meetings' with the
people at Anaheim Electronics.
And yes, I would like to see a
MG GP-04 and it would be on my
'to buy' list.

Yasu Ikehara aka Nuku-Nuku
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    Seeing how Bandai loves pumping out MG Gundam kits, expect a MG GP04 in
    year or two now that the GP03 is coming out. In fact we might see this
    sooner than a MG Gerbera Tetra or MG Gelgoog Marine, sigh.

  I promised someone I wouldn't write another "one-line" email, but,
  it make sense to make the Gerbera Tetra first? Well, I don't know anything
  about gundam so my word doesn't count =(...

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