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I think that would depend on slant; Gundam would be better for either black
humor, or slapstick army humor -- but not much anything else...

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It seems to me that Gundam wouldn't be the best license to use if you're
interested in making a humourous comic strip. What is it about Gundam that
you want in your comic?
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  hey GMLers

  im going to be making an online gundam comic.
  its gonna be more on the funny side. would yall
  be interested in seeing it made?

  if you want the diehard info on it, here it is :

  1) placed in the UC timeline around the 8th MS Team

  2) alot of things will be like the 8th MS because i like
      that series, not really a good reason, but oh well...

  3) only 7 characters, so nothing to get mixed up about.
      some may be dropped before it is released to make
      the story simpler.

  4) the drawings would be very simple

  5) no particular story, each strip would be a random event

  email me offlist if you would like to be in on this.

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