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> >> PS: GP-04 wasn't made in the series... but its really fun to have
> >> Burning pilot in Giren's Greed ^^
> >Is this how the design came about that was posted here by Gus?
> >
> There was a pretty old issue of Hobby Japan where the GP04 made one of its
> first appearance on the cover. IIRC the chest vent wasn't as big as what
> was seen in that scan. IIRC it was an extrapolation by the sculptor and
> later it kind of stuck as THE GP04 design.
> Seeing how Bandai loves pumping out MG Gundam kits, expect a MG GP04 in a
> year or two now that the GP03 is coming out. In fact we might see this
> sooner than a MG Gerbera Tetra or MG Gelgoog Marine, sigh.
> Eddie

Yeah, the moment they came out with the FAZZ, it opened the doorway big-time
for variant kits from non-cartoon timelines. Of course, the same can be
said of Char's Rick-Dom, but hey, the FAZZ has the Sentinel Option...

Good question: what if they come out with an MG kits of the GP04, which
basically have the same internal structure, but different armor plates?
That would be nasty....

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