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Thu, 1 Mar 2001 12:26:24 +0800

> > May be I should wait a little? 60,000yen for 1/220 kit is just insane.
> Yeap. I am surprised the recast people haven't got around to cloning it.

Hmmmm...perhaps there is an upper limit to what recasters can do as well?
besides, it does involve large chunks of resin...

On the other hand, that's good. as much as I bitch about resin kit prices,
I don't approve of unlicensed recasting, either -- I've had too much of
Bendi going around, and people complaining about bad fit and then saying
gundam is no good. ARGH!

> > I just got bought a house in La Mirada.
> No kidding? Isn't that pretty far from your work? But you are pretty
> close to Legends and Frank & Sons...
> >I guess I have enough boxes in my garage that I have to move without my
> >wife noticing.
> LOL, time to rent storage space!
> Eddie

I wish I could rent storage space...right now, am contemplating on moving to
a friend's apartment, and then using most of his blank walls and shelves as
display areas -- thank god he likes gundam as well!

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