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Thu, 1 Mar 2001 12:05:31 +0800

> Hey guys, give Danny a break. There are several peeps here who don't write
> English like native speakers. We have among us here people from different
> nations struggling to keep up with the stuff here.

yep. if you want to help them, then ask clarificatory questions in a civil
manner; that way, you get to understand him, and he will understand how to
deliver information also.

> They don't need people ganging up on them ridiculing their English skills.
> Hey, you could do it when you're chums offlist, but it could be perceived
> a personal offense on an ML resulting in a flamewar - which we don't need,
> as people recently have stressed. I advise caution until you can gauge
> someone properly to joke about him onlist. ^_^
> Fed

yep. that's why I don't STOMP(tm) Fed -- he's about twice my size and can
probably STOMP(tm) me for real. LOL!

<STOMPS(tm) Garrick>

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