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Wed, 28 Feb 2001 19:26:50 +0800

> > Strangely enough, it was not well recieved when it was first aired --
> You mean here locally? Ever wonder why you don't see any G Gundam toys on
> dept. store shelves in the Philippines anymore? They flew right off the
> shelves. Children knew which Gundam was which and chose which one they
> liked.

I meant on the list. Here in the Philippines, it was perfect, because of
our familiarity with Chinese martial Arts shows...

> I could imagine a similar scene in Japan. I liked it a bit - cheese and
> but didn't really make the effort to try and get home to watch it. Maybe
> because the dubbing wasn't up to par. Got to see some fansubs recently.
> Good, but not on my priority list. ^_^
> <snip>
> > Of course, they COULD have had a more creative name for the attack than
> HEY!
> Hehe, I still get a kick out of pilots shouting attacks before going in
> the kill. ^_^
> Fed
> "Getta Transform! Switch ON!!!"

me too!


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