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> Considering that their original press release only mentioned visual
> improvements done for the U.S. release, claiming technicaly impossibility
> in releasing bilingual DVD for MSG seem to imply they were doing more than
> mere visual tweaking - there must be changes in editing, such as scene
> additions/deletions... MSG Special Edition anyone? I can just picture it
> now... in the new version, Char does not frame Garma but makes an honest
> mistake sending him into the trap... fans cry foul... while new fans have
> no clue what the big fuss is all about.
> On the plus side... could Tomino be inserting characters like Kusko Al?

Ugh, I wouldn't jump to conclusions folks. It's like Joseph Riggs said,
Sunrise won't give them the rights to be sub it, until it's been in Japan
for a while. Anime Village has the press release concerning this matter and
says much the same thing.

Read facts before jumping to speculative conclusions.

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